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Welcome to The Art and Science of Parenting.

We’re Catherine and Glenn. We’re the proud parents of 5 great kids we adopted as teens from Guatemala.

We’re also parent coaches who’re passionate about helping parents better connect with their kids. We help them rediscover the joy, pride, and satisfaction that comes from having a great relationship with their kids.

Catherine learned to lead, motivate, and connect with kids at Outward Bound, where she spent seven years leading wilderness expeditions for teens and young adults. 

Under the most challenging conditions, she mastered the ability to quickly forge connections with kids she’d met only a short time before. She helped them find their strengths, challenge their limits, and discover they could achieve more than they ever imagined. 

Glenn’s background is in physics and project management. He is a wiz at systems, planning, and organization (And every good parent-child relationship needs a bit of solid planning.😉)

For the last 3 years, we’ve led parenting masterminds where we’ve guided (and learned from) a diverse group of parents as they’ve forged better relationships with their kids.

Now we’re bringing our work to a wider audience with this newsletter. Please enjoy this distillation of the most important concepts we’ve learned about parenting, leadership, and having a great relationship with your kid. 

Parenting is a holistic practice, so we draw our coaching expertise from many fields, including psychology, neuroscience, communications, behavioral science, leadership, and education. 

In addition to our newsletter, we support your parenting challenges through one-on-one coaching and our Parenting Mastermind.

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Parenting insights from psychology, neuroscience, behavioral science, and our experience raising 5 adopted teens from Guatemala.