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I love how this newsletter talks about the importance of balancing device use and quality time with our kids. It's a reminder to prioritize relationships over screens for their future happiness. Excellent work! 🌟👏

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There's one other factor here that's really important to consider: when they choose electronics over people, who are they imitating? It's a good opportunity for self-reflection. Obviously, we adults have a better gauge of what needs to get done, and what's important. Maybe we're answering emails that can't wait. But the kid doesn't understand that. To them, their play is equally as important as your work. So we need to be careful of what we're modeling and how we communicate when something can't wait.

Thanks for your article! It's refreshing to read a piece calling for balance instead of screaming the extreme.

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Thank you. Agree - kids imitate us, and balance is key!

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